About Sourceflux

Sourceflux has been found by two of the authors (Tomislav Maric and Jens Höpken) of The OpenFOAM Technology Primer and we provide high quality support, consulting, development and training services for OpenFOAM Technology. The founders have not only been authoring The OpenFOAM Technology Primer, but also contributed training events to the community driven contributed OpenFOAM workshops over years. For us it is not only a matter of taking from the community, but also of giving back.

Together we have more than 15 years of combined experience in working with OpenFOAM, with a strong focus on two-phase flows and software development. Having started out as regular users at a time when no documentation was available, we know very well what it is like to face the complexity of OpenFOAM. Be it in setting up CFD simulations or developing new methods and solvers. Of course neither of us is the original author, developer or architect of OpenFOAM. But we are the reverse-engineering guys that had to figure out how things work on their own, the very hard way. This perspective enables us to estimate arising problems in switching to OpenFOAM from a commercial solution, or extending its functionality to cover a wider range of problems in product development.

To lower the bar in learning OpenFOAM for everyone, we have written The OpenFOAM Technology Primer, that you can order on our website. We also offer trainings that help you answer how and why things are done, a sort of knowledge that you can later apply to real world problems, and not only exercises in our training program.

We enjoy helping other people to solve problems they face with regards to OpenFOAM, because we were faced with the same problems ourselves. Our field of expertise is not limited to “just” using OpenFOAM for whatever task is on the agenda. We also have a solid background in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), software development and techniques associated with that. Our customers are spread over the world and come from a variety of different industries.


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