Many of you have most likely already discovered that there is a book available on amazon as well as on PACKT Publishing, which is supposed to be written by Tomislav, Kyle and myself. This has lead to some confusion, which is nothing we have intended. Many of you might have asked themselves: “Why are there two books?”.

The name of the book by PACKT Publishing is “Getting started with OpenFOAM Technology”, which is different from the one advertised on this web page, which is “The OpenFOAM Technology Primer”. You probably ask yourself, why there are two books with somewhat similar contents and written by the same authors. We started to write the book with PACKT Publishing, but due to severe problems that surfaced during the writing process, we had no choice but to end our relationship with PACKT Publishing. This has happened during the writing process and PACKT Publishing had already announced the book as well as made it available for purchase in their RAW program. To make things crystal clear: the book “Getting started with OpenFOAM Technology” is not the one we are writing and we are not affiliated with PACKT Publishing anymore.

Please help us estimating the number of books we need to order initially from the printer, by pre-ordering it!

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