The OpenFOAM Technology Primer FAQ

Even though we tried to cover a lot of various topics in The OpenFOAM Technology Primer, there was no way for us to cover all of them. Especially not to the full extent. Further on, we as authors and our reviewers as well tried to remove all errors and mistakes. As this is very likely to fail, this site is aimed to answer the questions that will pop up while reading the book. If you find errors, mistakes or anything else that is unclear, please feel free to contact us via the contact form on the right hand side of this website.

Why are there two books?
What are the payment methods?
How much will the international shipping be?
Will there be an eBook?
Can you send me the pdf of the book for free?
Why is the book printed in black and white, rather than color?
Where can I find the example code?
Why is topic xy missing?
Why is solver xy missing?
Why is the description of snappyHexMesh so short?