OpenFOAM Training

We know that learning OpenFOAM and improving your skills while working is a challenging task, which is even more complicated by the lack of extensive documentation. With the release of The OpenFOAM Technology Primer, we tried to resolve at least the lack of documentation. However, it is still time consuming and cumbersome to learn OpenFOAM from scratch. We therefore aim towards lowering the bar of learning OpenFOAM by providing a high quality OpenFOAM training programme, given by sourceflux experts who use OpenFOAM on a day-to-day basis.

We have an ample amount of experience with developing and executing OpenFOAM trainings for different user levels and class sizes. These trainings cover community driven (read free of charge) as well as payed OpenFOAM trainings. We have given a lot of OpenFOAM trainings various OpenFOAM Workshops (OpenFOAM workshop 2012 in Darmstadt, the OpenFOAM workshop 2015 in Ann-Arbor, the OpenFOAM workshop 2016 in Guimarães) and individual trainings organized individually by sourceflux. Below is an overview of the trainings we provide. Of course, other topics can be covered as well, so feel free to contact us and propose a topic of your interest. All trainings consist of courses that the trainers give as well as extensive hands-on tutorials. Each training contains the respective training material, a bootable USB drive with the latest OpenFOAM version installed, lunch as well as coffee and cookies during the breaks. The course language can be English or German and all provided materials are prepared in English.

Reviews by Trainees


I followed the advanced training given by Jens and Tomislav in Duisburg earlier this week.

I work in the industry and I'm kind of used to "advanced" classes/training/courses regarding numerical simulation software.

I highly recommend the training by those two Sourceflux guys!

They won't just show you various example that work perfectly.
We have seen how to debug/modify various things (mesh,solver,...) , what's behind it, a bit of automatsation and a glimpse at how OpenFOAM is programmed.

Personally it was two really enriching days. Bastien G.

The training with sourceflux is a great opportunity to get closer to OpenFOAM in short time.
I found it remarkable that these guys know everything about the code itself and could easily follow up every physical problem from the audience.Withold D.