Advanced Training

To participate successfully in the advanced training, knowledge of the fundamentals covered in the usage course is required. We are going to discuss the mesh generation with snappyHexMesh and we will show how OpenFOAM simulations can be automated via PyFoam. Further on, as some small programming related topics are addressed in this training as well, each participant should possess a basic understanding of procedural programming, such as program flow control.


  • Mesh generation with snappyHexMesh
    • Background mesh.
    • Castellated mesh.
    • Snapping and adding layers.
    • Preparing the geometry.
  • Using and understanding fvOptions
    • An overview over the library.
    • What is possible with fvOptions?
    • Prototyping your own fvOptions source.
  • Using function objects
    • Efficient function objects workflow.
    • Computing forces.
    • Visualizing streamlines.
  • Automating OpenFOAM simulations using the PyFoam library
    • A short introduction to the Python programming language.
    • Version control for simulation cases.
    • One dimensional case parametrization.
    • Multidimensional parametrization and test scaling.
    • Automating pre- and-post processing.


  • The price is 1000 Euro per participant, excluding 19% VAT.
  • The total length of the course is 2 days.
  • Topics of special interest to the participants are discussed at the end of the second day.
  • Please bring your own laptop with a working OpenFOAM installation.
  • We have prepared a persistent live USB disk with all the necessary programs.
  • Printed material is provided in English.
  • Lunch, coffee and cookies are included.
  • We recommend to book early, beause we limit the number of participants.


  • Book two courses in one week and get 20% discount.[1]
  • We offer a group discount for more attendees from one institution, contact us.[1]
  • Primer readers get a special offer: 150€ training voucher.[2]
    • Readers can use their book order number to activate the voucher in the training registration form.

[1] The group discount and the discount of 20% cannot be combined.[2] The voucher can be combined with the other discounts. It is only valid once and not refundable.

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