Individual Training

You wish to have an individual or on-site training, tailored towards your specific needs and applications, then this is what you were looking for. This type of training can cover anything from the pure beginner introduction towards sophisticated development and programming lectures and exercises. The duration of the course itself can be selected by the trainees beforehand and the syllabus is discussed with the trainees as well and can be highly customized. Existing parts from the Usage, Advanced and Programmer trainings can be used as well.


Any existing classes and training content can be used. For custom classes, please contact us.



      • Book two courses in one week and get 20% discount.[1]
      • We offer a group discount for more attendees from one institution, contact us.[1]
      • Primer readers get a special offer: 150€ training voucher.[2]
        • Readers can use their book order number to activate the voucher in the training registration form.

[1] The group discount and the discount of 20% cannot be combined.[2] The voucher can be combined with the other discounts. It is only valid once and not refundable.
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