Remote Training

The remote training makes all of our training and course syllabus available worldwide. You can stay at your cozy office and attend the respective training event via online conferencing software. This way you can cut travel times and expenses. Depending on the timezones, we have scheduled different events. Please check out our training schedule for more information. You will get in close contact with OpenFOAM experts that have years of experience in giving lectures and courses of various types.


The syllabus can contain any course that give, such as:


  • The price is 1000 Euro per participant, excluding 19% VAT.
  • The total length of the course is 2 days.
  • Topics of special interest to the participants are discussed at the end of the second day.
  • Please have a working OpenFOAM installation available on your side.
  • We recommend to book early, beause we limit the number of participants.


  • Book two courses in one week and get 20% discount.[1]
  • We offer a group discount for more attendees from one institution, contact us.[1]
  • Primer readers get a special offer: 150€ training voucher.[2]
    • Readers can use their book order number to activate the voucher in the training registration form.

[1] The group discount and the discount of 20% cannot be combined.[2] The voucher can be combined with the other discounts. It is only valid once and not refundable.

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