Usage Training

The usage course is aimed towards users that are starting to work with OpenFOAM. Even though a background in CFD is advantageous, it is not essential. During the training, we cover all relevant parts needed for a user to be able to work independently on a given problem. It is important that participants have at least a basic understanding of the Linux operating system and how to work with the command line. If this is not the case, this can be covered in a very brief introduction as well.


  • A short introduction to the Linux command line (selected topics if needed).
    • Basic file system navigation and file/directory operations.
    • Shell pipes, redirection.
    • Regular expressions: grep and sed.
    • BASH: script arguments, for loop, function.
  • Simulation case overview
    • Simulation case directory structure.
    • Simulation control, discretization and solution parameters.
    • OpenFOAM mesh structure and files.
    • Fields and boundary conditions.
  • Mesh generation with blockMesh
    • Meshing a block with curved edges.
    • Meshing a multi-block NACA airfoil case with curved edges.
  • Simulation case setup (NACA)
    • Boundary conditions.
    • Simulation control.
    • Solver execution with log files and pyFoam utilities.
  • Basic post-processing in ParaView
    • Common visualization filters.
    • Data analysis.
    • Efficient workflow in ParaView.
  • Basic pre-processing in OpenFOAM
    • Using the setFields application.
    • Using the funkySetFields application.
  • Data sampling with the postProcess utility.
    • Sampling sets and surfaces, output formats, etc.


  • The price is 850 Euro per participant, excluding 19% VAT.
  • The total length of the course is 2 days.
  • Topics of special interest to the participants are discussed at the end of the second day.
  • Please bring your own laptop with a working OpenFOAM installation.
  • We have prepared a persistent live USB disk with all the necessary programs.
  • Printed material is provided in English.
  • Lunch, coffee and cookies are included.
  • We recommend to book early, beause we limit the number of participants.


  • Book two courses in one week and get 20% discount.[1]
  • We offer a group discount for more attendees from one institution, contact us.[1]
  • Primer readers get a special offer: 150€ training voucher.[2]
    • Readers can use their book order number to activate the voucher in the training registration form.

[1] The group discount and the discount of 20% cannot be combined.[2] The voucher can be combined with the other discounts. It is only valid once and not refundable.

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