As a consulting partner, sourceflux offers a variety of different services, ranging from OpenFOAM technology transfer involving trainings and courses, to  tailor made solutions for custom workflow and/or  CFD problems. We have designed trainings and courses that transfer the knowledge and experience in effective use of the OpenFOAM technology, dealing with all skill levels and, when required, client-specific problems. To learn more about the specifics, please visit the dedicated pages below. In case you need more information, feel free to contact us.


There is something missing in OpenFOAM, that you need for your work on a specific problem, but you don’t have the time or expertise to implement it on your own? Due to our experience with OpenFOAM, we can take care of that for you.

Our expertise is not limited to extending existing modules of OpenFOAM, we also are proficient in developing interfaces to third-party libraries and codes, as well as developing new general-purpose numerical methods.


Our aim in consulting is to help you find the most effective way in using  OpenFOAM technology, leveraging all of the available features, in order to efficiently create solutions that have value. We support both general types of consulting requests: users that need help with a certain application problem and programmers who require assistance with their project.

Regardless of your particular consulting needs, feel free to contact us and discuss a possible collaboration.


We offer two kinds of trainings: seminars and on-site trainings. Seminars are somewhat like classes at a university, where various topics are covered. These topics range from the very basics of OpenFOAM technology, to more special applications, such as multiphase flows, programming new solutions and automating OpenFOAM workflows.

The second type is the on-site training, where you tell us a specific topic you need a training on and we take care of it at your site.